Who I Am

Who I am and my interests

Thank you for coming to see who I am and what I do for a living.

I am a mom to 5 pretty cool young men. Married since 1995. I have 2 crazy dogs.

I am a Boston, Ma. born and raised city girl. I moved to Florida and now live about 20 minutes from the beach.

I love the beach and?going for walks in nature while?photographing really candid pictures along the way.

I love photography, though my style isn’t really so staged and styled, though I can do them of course. I like to capture candid in the moment shots. I would love to take a photography class, just for fun. I’d like to learn all the different things I can do with my new DSLR camera.

I love to go out to eat, I almost never turn down an invite to go out to eat.

Of course I love my family, more importantly I truly love to be engaged with them, being active with them and being present with them, as in not just there body wise but mind, spirit, mentally and emotionally.

I love to write and talk about all kinds of topics. Which is why I blog and stay connected by networking at every chance I get whether it is through the online world or in person.

I enjoy watching shows and movies as well. Comedy, drama, romance, and a few other genre’s entertain me.

Though I like music over TV; I listen to?salsa, merengue, bachata, rap, hip-hop, R&B,?blues and a few other genre’s is what helps my blood flow.

It brings me a sense of fulfillment when I can help someone else out.

What I Do For a Living

I own, operate and write on 6 different blogs. I don’t think of them as “too many”, I get that reaction everyday.

I did have these topics on one blog, it had no direction and was a mess. I am much more focused and get better results this way.

I have interests with each of the topics I write about and I am just a well rounded person with lots of experience, skills and knowledge.

I write with lots of logic, critical thinking, pretty much always using facts yet have my own opinions as well. I can give my personal opinion and I can also do an unbiased neutral opinion even on campaigns I am paid to do.

This is why many people come to me and trust me; They can count on me. I can help them solve things on a short term basis?while creating ways to help it from reoccurring in the future.

I stick with my core values in everything I do both in business and personally, I don’t allow anything or anyone to bend those values.

Character, being genuine, honesty, transparency and integrity are all important to me.

I am a leader, though I am coachable and teachable.

Blogging allows me to do various things like:

  • Give Guidance
  • Offer Solutions
  • Continue My Own Education
  • Help Others Continue Their Education
  • Friendship Across the World
  • Express My Thoughts and Opinions
  • Share My Talents, Gifts and Abilities

I began blogging for fun, more of an actual online journal of what I do and go through with my children. It began with educating my children, what we did, how we did it and why we did it.

Within two years I began expanding and using my various skills through blogging. This journey was established?since 2005!

You can check out their overview here My Blog Outlets or click on their individual tabs to go directly to them.