My Social Media Status

Here are all the ways you can connect with me through Social Media

Typically I post things to one of my blogs before it goes on social media but there are also times where I don’t create an article and it goes directly on my social media accounts.

I try not posting the same exact content so that repeats are reduced, I wouldn’t want to see the same exact thing posted everywhere, so I don’t want you seeing repeated stuff. I am getting better with this reducing redundancy so it doesn’t loose its message or get tuned out.

Though I may post similar things across all my accounts, it depends on how it is shared.

I use different posting tools to reduce my workload so that I have more time to actually participate in our conversations!

You don’t have to connect with them all, just which ever place you hang out at the most. I don’t want you missing anything ;). Click on the photo to connect with me in that particular way.


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