My Skills, Talents and Abilities

My Skills, Talents and Abilities

Customer Service

I began my customer service journey in 1995 at a local grocery store when I was fifteen years old. Since then I have been helping customers finding things they need to solve a problem they are having. Whether it is help with fixing an electronic device, a skin blemish, a recipe, finding a fitness facility, recommending their next book to read, finding cool restaurants to eat at or just about any other need, I am there to help them get to their “yes” decision.

Retail Sales

I began retail sales?in 1998.?Again, servicing the customers needs efficiently and effectively has always been a common goal for me to use and connect with customers.

Direct/Commission Based Sales

I began my direct sales journey in 1997. A family friend introduced me into the business opportunity and showed me some amazing ropes with this kind of rewarding journey.

Advertising, Marketing and Promotions

I began learning about these skills and concepts in 1997. As a direct sales rep I had to do all my own advertising, marketing and promoting if I ever wanted to make money in my new business venture. These skills I learned helped me in other areas in my “day job” in retail.

Community Building and Management

I began building my community in 1999. I knew the only way to really gain momentum in my career was to stay connected to a community of people who wanted similar things as I did. From time to time, I weed through the communities to ensure the community is getting what they need from me.

Management and Leadership

I got my first management job in 1997 for a chain store. Ever since then, I knew I am better at leading and managing people.

Personal Shopper

I began this fun job?when I began my direct sales business in 1997.

Customer Acquisition

I started learning about this in 1998 more seriously.

Customer Feedback

I began asking customers for their feedback in 1999. I learned to become better at being a personal shopper and my direct sales business I needed to make sure I was fulfilling the customers needs fully.

Email Marketing

I began learning about email marketing in 2008

Relationship Marketing ( including grass-roots )

Relationship Marketing is something I began to learn about in 1999 when I figured out people are not dollar signs.

Event Assistant for sponsorships and goody bags

I have been assisting event planners and coordinators since 2007 with vendor recommendations and handling their goody bag needs.

Goody Bag planning, strategy, coordinating, creating/assembling and distribution

I have been handling all things goody bags for customer acquisition or retention since 1998.

Blogging in general

I began blogging in 2005, it started out as a semi-online account of how I was educating my children. It has since evolved as I now have six unique blogs and do both editorials and advertorials.

Social Media Relationship Marketing

I began harnessing the power of social media marketing in 2008.

Marilyn Arriaga